About Us

Our company was started by Edward McGrath of Salem, MA in 1953. After WWII Ed sold used leather-working machinery, lamp making, resistance welders and similar items. He rented peoples garages until expanding the business and buying our building in Salem, MA. When the Soviet Sputnik was launched in 1957, the space race was on!

At that time there was an immediate interest in high vacuum equipment. Mr. McGrath educated himself in this area and sales took off.

Over the years we have had MIT students working during the summer and one of them, our president, Mark Goodrich, arrived in 1973 and purchased the business as E. McGrath Inc in 1984.

We still are a presence in high vacuum equipment but now concentrate on used metallurgical equipment, precision resistance welders and optical machinery.

You can always call us with questions on the equipment. We have considerable institutional knowledge in these areas.

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