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E. McGrath Inc
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VMT250 Airco FDC8000 2 sensor capable w/two I/O channels $2,250
VMT275 Airco TP1000-1 time power controller $1,750
VMT292 Inficon XMS standard sensor head 321-20 $225
VMT300 Inficon IC6000 controller to include one I/O module, one source/sensor module and one hand held power controller. 27#. Not actual photo. $3,150
VMT301 Inficon IC6000 I/O module $495
VMT302 Inficon IC6000 source/sensor module $495
VMT303 Inficon IC6000 RS232B board $595
VMT304 Inficon IC6000 D/A converter $495
VMT325 Inficon IC/4 controller model 756-500-G1U with RS-232 interface. 115/230/60/50 input. 24# net weight. PIX2   More_Info Factory Overhauled $3,950
VMT330 Inficon 750-211-G2 standard crystal sensor with shutter PIX2 New Surplus $1,075
VMT350 Kronos QM321 monitor $1,195
VMT375 Kronos ADS200 controller $2,750
VMT400 Sloan Omni IIA controller $795
VMT425 Sloan Omni 660 controller $1,950
VMT450 Sloan Omni III controller $1,350
VMT475 Sloan DDC 1000 controller $1,450

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