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Used & Surplus Equipment

LBA001 Lehmann Thropp (Lehmann Mills, Salem Ohio) rubber mill, 3" diameter by 8" long, Lab size. Mixes up to 130 cc, about .3 to .4 pounds. 1.4 to 1 friction ratio.  Net weight 1400 pounds. 2 HP, 230/460/3  PIX2 $7,500
LBA002 Union Process Szegvari Attritor System, TYPE: B SIZE: HD01 SN: 041203 Reliance Electric Power Source, VS Drive, SP500 mfg 2004, More_Info Coming Soon $7,950
LBA003 Peltsman Corporation MIGL-37 automatic low pressure molding system for metal and ceramic powders. Includes 6 gallon, planetary mixing tank with vacuum, 1.5 HP variable speed motor, 3 zone Watlow temperature controllers, to 150C. Air pressure for mold.Durant 56450-400 PLC/Counter.  Uses thermoplastic or thermosetting binders. 230/60/1 power required.PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 Replacement cost $85,000 $12,500
LBA006 Asme coded pressure tanks, ss, 1,2,3,4 & 5 gallon capacity $50/up
LBA016 Porcelain jar mill, 1 gallon. 8" OD by 9" tall, $325
LBA018A Abbe "0", 3 gallon Lumard jar, w/o cover.  Two available, each: $425
LBA025 Tyler Ro-Tap sieve shaker, w/o top steel plate. 115 volts. $1,175
LBA041 Sweeco M18L wet grinding mill 2.6 gallons, hp, 220/3 PIX2 $2,150
LBA070 Carver C, 6 x 6 inch, 12 ton lab platen press, 2 posts with single gauge. Not equipped with heated platens Pressure gauge is faulty $700
LAB130 Rhine breathing air system 12 hp two sets hose & hoods, 115V $975
LBA137 M Braun glove box, Labmaster 130 with Varian TV301 turbo pumped ante chamber and separate nitrogen gas purifier MB-200G-W-N-I. Includes MB-OX-SE1 and MB-MO-SE1 oxygen and water sensors. The main box was made in 1996 and retrofitted in 2002 with the high vacuum antechamber. The N2 purifier was made in 2004 PIX2 PIX3 PIX4 PIX5 PIX6 PIX7 PIX8 PIX9 PIX10 PIX11  $16,500
LBA138 M Braun MB 200 N gas purifier current literature $2,750
LBA139 Vacuum Atmospheres Pedatrol, stand alone mount with pedal $475
LBA140 Vacuum Atmospheres DK-3E Dri-Kool, to cool the atmosphere inside a glove box (not included) . 1.5" copper tubing, temperature control, 115/60/1  10 amps. Includes blower to mount inside a box  PIX2  Info  $1,050
LBA143 Vacuum Atmospheres MO-40-2H-SSG Dri-Train purifier. 40 cfm, dual canister. Without mechanical vacuum pump. Electronic Magnahelic gauge. Chassis has been racked (twisted) some in transit.  Components work fine.  s/n 011534-497U   208/230/60/1 PIX2 PIX3 $4,750
  Vacuum Atmospheres HE dimensional info-pdf  
LBA149A Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 12" extension $900
LBA149B Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 3 ft extension $1100
LBA149C Vacuum Atmospheres anti-chamber 9" extension $950
LBA149D Vacuum Atmospheres small anti-chamber. 12" diameter by 19.5" long, 14.5" bolt circle mount. $1,450
LBA149M Vacuum Atmospheres HE-43-2 glove box, w/o right hand ante chamber assembly.  PIX2  $1,975
LBA150A Kewaunee vacuum pass through, stainless $ 950
LBA181 SS White/Penwalt H abrasive unit, large hopper $1,450
LBA182 SS White/Penwalt HME abrasive unit, oversize feed hopper. $1,850
LBA183 SS White/Crystal Mark HME $1,975
LBA189 Kinematica Polytron PTD-EX disperser/homogenizer, 1.6 KW, 3phase motor,  with detachable generator. Motor is two speed.  Your choice of a 230 volt 60 Hz or 380 volt 50 Hz mtor  PIX2 $1,950
LBA190 Myers Mixer disperser, X proof, LB775-2-1111 2 HP 230/460/3 New belts and motor bearings. $2,150

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